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Subsurface soil and ground water contamination are one more stumbling block that can limit the use of certain properties. The likelihood of developing property to provide a positive monetary return is often upset by the “discovery” of previously unknown environmental contaminants. Protocol Sampling Service, Inc. personnel are uniquely qualified to provide accurate and timely information about site conditions and to make recommendations for planning and management prior to the acquisition of the property. We are able to provide clients with expert guidance by efficiently collecting soil samples for laboratory testing and installing ground water monitoring wells via direct push units (GeoProbe) or using larger drill rigs. During the past ten (10) years Protocol Sampling Service, Inc. has earned a solid reputation for providing timely investigations with quick results that have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars on properties previously thought to have been remediated or presented as “clean” by the seller. Approximately 2.7 million rural water wells supply water to North Carolina families. Often, these wells are very old and with constant use, water quality degrades with time. Protocol Sampling Service, Inc. has helped many families diagnose water quality issues from cloudiness to the harmful presence of contaminants. Well construction issues are diagnosed via down-hole cameras or water quality testing and the correct methods to rehabilitate the well are implemented. Water wells are sometimes deemed “beyond repair” and are sealed to prevent any contaminants in the well from migrating towards other wells or to ensure the well does not become a contaminant conduit in the future. Protocol Sampling Service, Inc. has abandoned over 1,000 wells in the course of flooding from Hurricanes Fran (1997) and Floyd (1999), NCDOT road widening projects and property development projects. Protocol Sampling Service, Inc. uses a EarthProbe mounted on a John Deere 4-WD Gator that can get to areas that are to difficult for larger probes. The EarthProbe is used to sample and test the subsurface soil, soil vapor and groundwater. The EarthProbe has been used to inject remediation products like chemical oxidants and reductant products. Protocol Sampling Service, Inc. employs and networks with a full complement of OSHA trained, NC Certified Well Drillers that are experienced in the delineation of contaminants using current federal and state guidelines.

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